Taylor Swift: Concert in Seattle Causes "Swift Quake"

Highly anticipated concert of Taylor Swift at Lumen Field Stadium in Seattle, USA on July 22-23 created seismic tremors equivalent to a 2.3 magnitude earthquake. This extraordinary event, playfully dubbed the ‘Swift Quake,’ was a result of the overwhelming cheers and excitement from her devoted fanbase, known as the Swifties. CNN reported this seismic phenomenon on Friday (July 28), with a staggering attendance of at least 71,000 enthusiastic fans at the concert.

Seismologist Jackie Caplan-Auerbach meticulously calculated and verified the seismic impact of the concert, drawing a comparison to the famous ‘Beast Quake’ generated by Seattle Seahawks fans during an American Football game in 2011, following an awe-inspiring touchdown by their star player, Marshawn ‘Beast Mode’ Lynch.

A Parallel Discovery by Caplan-Auerbach

Taylor Swift: Concert in Seattle Causes "Swift Quake"

During her analysis of a comprehensive dataset of earthquakes in the Northwest Pacific region, Jackie Caplan-Auerbach, a distinguished geology professor at Western Washington University, stumbled upon this intriguing parallel. “I thoroughly examined data from both concert nights and immediately noticed the unmistakable similarities in the signal patterns,” she revealed. “Upon overlaying them, the patterns proved to be nearly identical.”

Unveiling the Time Discrepancy

The key differentiator between the concerts held on July 22 and 23, aside from Taylor Swift’s thrilling surprise performances, was the duration, with an approximate 26-minute gap. “Upon further inquiry, I discovered that the Sunday concert (July 23) experienced a half-hour delay, which accounted for the variation,” explained Caplan-Auerbach.

Taylor Swift: Quake Surpasses ‘Beast Quake’

Despite the slight magnitude difference of 0.3 between ‘Beast Quake’ and ‘Swift Quake,’ Caplan-Auerbach emphasized that Taylor Swift’s passionate fans successfully surpassed the seismic impact generated by the Seahawks’ devoted followers. “The vibrations were twice as powerful as the Beast Quake. It’s genuinely double the strength,” affirmed Caplan-Auerbach.

Exploring the Force Behind ‘Taylor Swift Quake’

Caplan-Auerbach clarified that the primary factor contributing to the significantly greater impact of ‘Swift Quake’ was the duration of the vibrations. “The cheering following the touchdown lasted only a few seconds before subsiding, resulting in a more irregular pattern compared to a concert,” she expounded. “In Taylor Swift’s case, I compiled approximately 10 hours of data, during which the rhythm dictated her behavior—music, sound system, and tempo—all of which released an energetic force capable of creating ground vibrations,” she added.

A Reporter’s Experience

CNN reporter Chloe Melas was among the attendees who experienced the ground-shaking effects of Taylor Swift’s concert firsthand. “The vibrations were palpable beneath my feet. My ears are still ringing,” recounted Chloe in her report.

Taylor Swift: West Coast Energy

On the other hand, Taylor Swift herself expressed her profound connection with the energy of her fans in the West Coast region of the USA. She conveyed her heartfelt gratitude to the Seattle audience through an Instagram post on Monday (July 24) of the previous week. “Truly one of my favorite weekends,” Swift captioned her post, showcasing her appreciation for the memorable experience.

Continuing the Tour Beyond the USA

The concert in Seattle marked the grand finale of Taylor Swift’s successful The Eras Tour in the USA. The journey, however, is far from over as the tour continues in Santa Clara, followed by six more exhilarating shows in Los Angeles, concluding the USA leg. Beyond American borders, Swift will venture into international territories, starting with a captivating concert in Mexico City on August 24.

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