Win in Valorant: 5 Steps Master Haven's Sova Recon Darts.

If you want to win in Valorant, you need to know where your enemies are. This is where Sova’s Recon Bolt really comes into its own. On the three-spike map Haven, a Reddit user going by the moniker of KhigenNA posted some awesome dart tricks for Sova. If you want to win more games with Sova Recon Bolt, check out these five teams.

Win in Valorant: An Accurate Site Dart

Click on the A Link to get to the A Site. While standing between the two stacks of boxes, aim your crosshairs skyward, specifically at the trees. There are no bounce charges when you use a two-bar Recon Bolt. You can see if your foes are charging or if they’re holding their position when the dart lands at the A Lobby entrance.

Win in Valorant: B-Gong Dart Placement

For a formidable defense of the B Site, position yourself close to the A Link located in the site’s rear. The roof of B Site is the proper target for a full-power dart with two bounces. Right before the grassy area in front of the Garage doors, right outside of Attacker Side Spawn, the arrow will fall.

Extended Delay from C-Site

C Site and C Long can be engaged from a distance using this dart. From behind C Site, near C Link, fire a dart with two power bars and no bounce charges. Keep an eye out because it drops from a tree branch over C Long, revealing important details.

Win in Valorant: A Garden’s Two Difficulties

Toss two well-placed darts at the B Site from the A Garden area. Players can observe defenders near the entrance to B Site with the first dart. The second one makes the people hiding in the rear visible.

Get to A Garden and stand on the first raised floor, next to the little vase, to perform it. Make an effort to climb all the way to the top of the B Site building. B Site’s rear features two power bars and two bounce charges. On the front of the B Site building, aim much higher.

Gain and Loss in Strategic Planning

You may locate the areas of Haven with the fewest guards by using these five simple dart tactics. At the beginning of the round, they also aid in determining the enemy’s strategy. Improving your game and giving your team an advantage are both possible if you can master these Recon Bolt combos.

To sum up

If you’re new to Valorant or just want to level up your agent skills, you have to test these Sova Recon Bolt teams. To gain control over Haven, you must first determine the optimal locations to throw your darts. To learn more about Valorant, have a look at our comprehensive beginner’s guide. You also can check our instruction on how to control the mysterious agent Fade. In SLOT DEPO 10K, you can outsmart your friends if you’re prepared.

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