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The Indonesian band Matter Halo is always looking for new ways to work together. This time, they’ve decided to work with the Thai indie-pop band The Kopycat. This cross-border artistic collaboration leads to the catchy new song “What You Wanna Be (feat. The Kopycat).”

Matter Halo and The Kopycat, Musical Fusion Across Borders

“What You Wanna Be” is a smooth mix of sounds that not seem to be limit by place. Matter Halo’s unique alternative and indie-rock sounds mixed with The Kopycat’s charming indie-pop sounds in a way that doesn’t sound forced. This project shows how powerful it can be for artists from different cultures to work together.

“What You Wanna Be,” the song, is a beautiful musical tapestry that captures the essence of both bands. Matter Halo’s foundational parts of indie alternative rock blend seamlessly with The Kopycat’s indie-pop skills, creating a song that strikes a deep chord with its listeners.

The song’s lyrics written by Ganidra Rai, who is also a member of Matter Halo. In this piece, Rai explores themes of self-discovery and the chase of dreams. “This song can serve as a poignant reminder of the excitement we felt at the start of our lives—awe that often runs the risk of waning as we deal with the challenges of adulthood,” Ganidra Rai said.

Collaborative Enthusiasm

Ganidra Rai talked more about the collaborative process by saying, “I am thrilled that The Kopycat helped us make this song happen.” We thought it would be a sweet and kind of pretty thing. We started working together with a lot of excitement, and the result really captures the spirit of our singing journey together.

A Track on the Deluxe Album “Nightvision (Love Is God Edition)”

“What You Wanna Be (feat. The Kopycat)” will be on Matter Halo’s deluxe album “Nightvision (Love Is God Edition),” which will come out on December 7, 2023. There 16 tracks on this album. All songs carefully organized across four sides to look like a vinyl record.

Side A is a happy party with catchy, upbeat songs that take listeners on a trip down memory lane. “Million” and “Runway Lights,” from the Netflix movie “Ali Ratu-Ratu Queens,” are two well-known songs.

And then, Side B starts an interesting 21-minute soundscape called “Nightvision.”

On Sides C and D, artists from nearby countries, such as Our Shame from Taiwan, TALA from the Philippines, Hanbee from New Zealand, and more, continue the joint spirit.

Enjoy the Creative Melody

You can already get lost in the creative symphony that Matter Halo and The Kopycat made in “What You Wanna Be (feat. The Kopycat).” And then, the song can downloaded from a number of digital music services, and it sounds great.

What Matter Halo and The Kopycat Have to Say

Matter Halo, made up of Ibnu Dian and Ganidra Rai, has been making waves in the music world since 2015. And then, they have been a part of many projects, including songs they made with Elly Kasim. The Kopycat, which is made up of Mariah Mu, Pornpipat Maleepun, and Tanid Sintaratana, has become a leader in the Thai music scene. The Kopycat has had hits like “My Baby” (2020), “A Night Ride” (2020), and “Painting” (2020). They get their ideas from old sounds from the 1950s and 1970s.


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