Paul Rudd and Claud Team Up for Music Video

The musician Claud is such a devoted admirer of Paul Rudd that the track titled “Paul Rudd” can be found on their album titled Supermodels.

The singer-songwriter claims that the two met by chance while Taylor Swift was on her Eras Tour, which led to Rudd getting cast in their newest music video, which is for another track called “A Good Thing.”

After “A Good Thing” was made available to the public, Claud provided an explanation as to how the improbable yet enjoyable partnership came to be.

Paul Rudd and Claud Team Up for Music Video

They said this in a TikTok tape that was released on Saturday, July 15th. “I unexpectedly saw him while walking at The Eras Tour, as at the Taylor Swift concert,” the footage reads. “As I strolled by the VIP tent, I said to Paul Rudd, ‘I know this might seem a little strange, but there’s a song on my record. This tune is referred to as ‘Paul Rudd.’ I really hope this doesn’t seem strange.'”

They proceeded by saying, “And he seemed to be lovely over it, and he provided his email address.” He was like, ‘Send it to me. I really want to listen to your album. Therefore, I dispatched him my album.”

Rudd received an additional remark from Claud, who said, “Can’t believe you trusted me with your email.”

“I stated, ‘I named the song ‘Paul Rudd,’ because it’s me wanting to see myself into the attractive and bold and charming, wonderful figure that you play, whereas you simply are in life in a way that I’m frequently not.'” “I called this song ‘Paul Rudd,’ because it’s me seeking to imagine myself as this amazing and brave and charming, loving guy that you play, and that you The response he gave was that he like the album very much.

Claud Ask Rudd onto the Location of a Forthcoming MV

Claud decided to try an opportunity and ask Rudd onto the location of a forthcoming clip for the song. Rudd accepted Claud’s invitation.

“Well, I thought, that we are making a clip for the single ‘A Great Night.'” a musical clip for the single “A Great Night.” Would you ever give some thought to dropping by if you found yourself with some spare time on this particular day?’ And he remained up for the full duration of the day. They reported that he waited for something over five entire hours.

Claud remarked that “it was the most wonderful day of my life,” and I concurred.

Claud also tweeted a selfie with Rudd on Sunday, along with the following message for the picture: “Me and Paul meeting at the periods tour. Credit for the photos goes to @phoebebridgers… No, I’m sorry, but you are not going to get out of this unscathed.

Below you can watch the music video for “A Good Thing” by Claud, which features Paul Rudd as an eccentric mailman who is not particularly successful at his job.

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