Nicki Minaj Unveils the Process Behind Choosing "Barbie World"

Nicki Minaj, famously known as the original Barb, was an obvious choice for the highly anticipated Barbie movie. However, she made it clear that she wouldn’t jump on just any song that was offered to her.

During the world premiere of Barbie on Sunday (July 9), Minaj shared some valuable insights into the partnership that led to her and Ice Spice’s musical involvement in the film.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Minaj confessed that she had initially rejected a few songs. “There were a couple of songs that I didn’t love,” she admitted, highlighting her discerning taste and commitment to producing exceptional music.

Nicki Minaj Unveils the Process Behind Choosing "Barbie World"

However, when Minaj heard the “Barbie” sample, she instantly fell in love with it. She specifically wanted the track to feature captivating drums, and fortunately, the version they sent her was a perfect fit.

Without any hesitation, Minaj jumped on the opportunity. The resulting song, “Barbie World,” is a collaboration between Minaj and New York rapper Ice Spice. It features production contributions from RiotUSA and samples the iconic hit “Barbie Girl” by AQUA, adding a nostalgic touch to the soundtrack.

Minaj emphasized the significance of her involvement in the project, describing it as a “very full circle moment.” Throughout her career, she has often referred to herself as a Barbie, making her participation in a project closely tied to the iconic Barbie brand all the more special.

Climbing the Charts and Solidifying Artistic Prowess of Nicki Minaj

The release of “Barbie World” has not gone unnoticed on the charts, as the song swiftly climbed to the top of the rankings, securing its position as the highest-charting track from the Barbie movie soundtrack. Making an impressive debut at No. 7 on the prestigious Billboard Hot 100, the song further solidified Nicki Minaj’s chart success, marking her 23rd top 10 hit. 

For Ice Spice, this collaboration marked their fourth entry into the top 10. The success of “Barbie World” demonstrates the widespread appeal and undeniable talent of both artists, captivating audiences and garnering acclaim on a global scale. The success of this collaboration follows their previous joint effort on the remix of Ice’s “Princess Diana,” which reached No. 4 on the Hot 100 earlier this year.

A Diverse Roster of Talent Complements Minaj’s Contribution

The Barbie movie soundtrack, helmed by director Greta Gerwig, features an array of popular music’s brightest stars. Executive produced by Grammy and Oscar winner Mark Ronson, Barbie The Album boasts contributions from renowned artists like Dua Lipa, Ryan Gosling, Billie Eilish, Karol G, Lizzo, Khalid, Gayle, Fifty Fifty, Kaliii, Haim, Tame Impala, Charli XCX, and many more. With such a diverse lineup, the album promises to deliver a captivating musical experience that complements the enchanting world of Barbie.

Nicki Minaj’s collaboration with Ice Spice and her participation in the Barbie movie soundtrack further solidify her reputation as a trailblazing artist in the industry. Her discerning taste and dedication to producing quality music have contributed to her unparalleled success and musical prowess.

As anticipation builds for the release of Barbie The Album, fans eagerly await the chance to immerse themselves in a world of enchanting melodies and empowering lyrics. The album’s star-studded lineup, combined with Minaj’s undeniable talent, promises a musical experience that will leave a lasting impact on listeners.

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