Bring Me The Horizon Prepares to Rock Southeast Asia with Headline Concerts in Indonesia and Thailand

The renowned British rock sensation, Bring Me The Horizon, is set to make a triumphant return to Southeast Asia this November, as they prepare to grace the stages of Bangkok, Thailand, and Jakarta, Indonesia with two electrifying headline concerts. Adding to the anticipation, the dynamic American rock band I Prevail will be joining them as support for both remarkable shows.

Ticket Details and Sale Dates of Bring Me The Horizon

Fans in Bangkok and Jakarta can secure their spots for these unforgettable gigs. The sale of tickets for the Bangkok show will kick off on August 15 at 4 pm local time, and they will be available for purchase here. Likewise, you can acquire tickets for the Jakarta show starting August 15 at 4 pm local time, accessible here.

An Extended Musical Journey: Supporting Yungblud in Japan

Bring Me The Horizon Prepares to Rock Southeast Asia with Headline Concerts in Indonesia and Thailand

As a true testament to their fervent dedication to music, Bring Me The Horizon will also be accompanying the acclaimed British singer-songwriter Yungblud on his Japanese tour in late October and early November. As part of their worldwide tour with Yungblud, the band will perform in the Kobe World Hall on the last day of October, the Nagoya Gaishi Hall on November 2, and the Tokyo Makuhari Messe on November 3.

Unveiling the Bring Me The Horizon Tour Dates

The highly anticipated Asia 2023 tour schedule for Bring Me The Horizon is as follows:

  • On October 31, the band will be hitting the stage at the World Hall in Kobe, Japan, and they will be performing in a supporting role for Yungblud.
  • Moving on to November 1, they will continue their tour by performing at the Haishi Hall in Nagoya, Japan, once again supporting Yungblud.
  • November 3 will see them lighting up the stage at the Makuhari Messe in Tokyo, Japan, as they continue their supporting role for Yungblud.
  • A highlight of the tour comes on November 7, when Bring Me The Horizon takes the center stage at the Union Hall in Bangkok, Thailand, for a headlining performance that fans have been eagerly waiting for.
  • Wrapping up the tour with a bang, on November 10, the band will conclude their journey at the Ancol Indoor Stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia, with yet another electrifying headlining show that promises to leave the audience in awe.

Countdown to “Post Human: NeX GEn” Album Release

Amidst this whirlwind of performances, the countdown continues for the release of Bring Me The Horizon’s seventh studio album, “Post Human: NeX GEn”, which is all set to make its debut on September 15th. This eagerly anticipated album is set to feature hit singles like “DiE4u”, “sTraNgeRs”, “LosT”, and “AmEN!”.

A Stellar Band with Global Fandom

Bring Me The Horizon stands tall as one of the most beloved rock bands across the globe. Fans eagerly await the release of the band’s new album. They also await the chance to experience band electrifying live performances.

A Long-Awaited for Bring Me The Horizon Return to Southeast Asia

Fans have been eagerly tracking the band’s social media updates, building excitement for their return to Southeast Asia. The Bangkok show signifies their initial appearance in the city since 2017, and fans eagerly anticipate the Jakarta show as a reunion since 2013.

Anticipating a Mesmerizing Experience

Known for their boundless energy on stage, fans can look forward to an invigorating blend of classic hits and fresh tunes at these upcoming concerts. Moreover, the band’s reputation for staging elaborate and visually captivating performances promises to elevate the experience to new heights.

Seize the Moment: Ticket Details and More

For fervent Bring Me The Horizon fans, seizing tickets for the upcoming Bangkok and Jakarta shows is a must. Although tickets for the Bangkok show have sold out, you can still secure yours for the Jakarta performance.

Key Highlights to Keep in Mind

  1. The concerts will feature a vibrant mix of their iconic classics and new compositions.
  2. Expect the stage shows to provide a visual spectacle, embracing intricate production elements.
  3. Opportunities still exist for the Jakarta show, despite the sold-out tickets for Bangkok.
  4. The upcoming tour is poised to attain unprecedented success, positioning itself as a sought-after ticket event that delivers the mesmerizing energy of Bring Me The Horizon live in concert to their dedicated fans.
  5. Act swiftly to secure your spot for a remarkable evening of music and performance excellence.

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